Bit: some good news to start the day off right. Slow Tourism | Bit 2023

Slow tourism will be the main topic of Bit 2023: from walking to cycling and villages, today slow tourism attracts 54% of potential travellers. 

Temporary boom or promise for the future? 

Certainly, according to the latest research, the phenomenon is set to become a structural trend. 
Here’s some news about it.

BIT is warming up its engines for the 2023 edition – at Allianz MiCo from 12 to 14 February 2023 – and the areas of the event are taking shape: Leisure with proposals from destinations and operators, BeTech for digital and social services, the MICE Village entirely dedicated to business. 

Product, networking, trends: let’s tell you more about
the 2023 format

As the Chinese proverb says, a person who returns from a journey is never the same as the one who left. If you travel, it shows. Bit’s new multi-subject campaign uses impactful visuals and graphics to tell this very concept. For every journey, a new country to discover, a new mark, a new experience… Have you seen the new campaign already?