About us

PlaneTravelMagazine is a nonprofit on line media agency on Linkedin created on September 9th 2020 to support the Tourism Industry worldwide.

PlaneTravelMagazine is publishing not only news strictly related to the Travel Industry but, also economic, political and cultural ones, that involve and may determine the choices of professional operators in the tourism sector.

The project was born as a worldwide philanthropic initiative as advocated in the by the United nations and the European Commission to promote worldwide, free of charge, the tourism companies and the tourism press hit hard by the pandemic.

PlaneTravelMagazine is recognized by the United Nations IGO (Inter-Governmental Organization). Headquarter is based at the United Nations IGO – De Committee 300 – United Nations Plaza – Manhattan – New York 10017 – USA

The work carried out by the President of PlaneTravelMagazine and his collaborators around the world is on a totally voluntary and philanthropic basis, without any compensation or / and reimbursement of expenses.

The most interesting travel industry posts published on Linkedin will be featured in the magazine. Travel Industry is offering and spread dreams, business and peace among different people and cultures worldwide. The post are published in several languages to allow all companies in the world travel industry to posts their articles.

For more information and to collaborate as voluntarily work and/or offer financial help to increase and improve this free service to the Linkedin travel industry community please contact the following email: info@planetravelmagazine.com

We would like to thank you very much the United Nations IGO, colleagues and friends for their fundamental support.

Riccardo Celani

President – PlaneTravelMagazine – Online Media Nonprofit – United Nations IGO – De Committee 300 – United Nations Plaza – Manhattan – New York 10017 – USA