UN SDG Action Campaign launches #FlipTheScript

The power is in our hands to change the story for people and planet


The world is not working for most people and our planet. We only have eight years left to make the SDGs happen. And that will only be possible if we all start to #FlipTheScript – today.

It’s time to tell a new story that shapes a new reality. One where the climate crisis won’t end humanity. Because humanity will end the climate crisis. And where the idea that girls can’t change the world vanishes for good. Because we know the world cannot change without girls. #FlipTheScript is about knowing that the impossible is possible – if we act together. It means taking back our world because it belongs to all people, not just a few.

The power is in our hands to turn apathy into action. Fear into hope. Division into togetherness.

Join the UN SDG Action Campaign to #FlipTheScript and tell a new story that shapes a new reality!