Watch Eau-lympia Return Home!

Eau-lympia Returned To The Wild!

Eau-lympia, a sub-adult loggerhead sea turtle, was found floating in a marina in Stuart, Florida on May 24, 2021. Upon arrival, Eau-lympia was underweight and in poor health due to chronic debilitation. After three months of treatment and care, Eau-lympia made a full recovery and was released back into her ocean home.

Eau-lympia is named for Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa. With a name like Eau (pronounced “O” – French for water) and the Atlantic on their door step, Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa is committed to ocean conservation and has dedicated their support to further LMC’s mission. Thank you Eau Palm Beach for your generous support and providing us the opportunity to track Eau-lympia’s movements post-release by providing funding for the Wildlife Computer’s satellite transmitter that was affixed to Eau-lympia’s carapace (shell) prior to release. 

Since we were not able to host a public release, we are airing her release video TONIGHT on YouTube at 7:30 p.m. Join us as we celebrate Eau-lympia’s journey from rescue to release! A special thank you to Eau Palm Beach and all of Eau-lympia’s adoptive parents for supporting the turtle’s rehabilitation and recovery.

Watch Eau-lympia’s Return Home!

Live YouTube Premiere Tonight

Join us tonight at 7:30p.m. on LMC’s YouTube channel as we celebrate Eau-lympia’s return to the wild! Click the photo above to view the live premiere. Make sure to subscribe to LMC’s channel to participate in the live chat.