Latest News From Kokomo – April 2020

To our friends and family around the world, stay safe, we will see you soon. And until we meet again, our team encourage you to keep dreaming. Allow us to fill your home with culinary delights, revitalize you with soothing yoga and entertain you with Kokomo characters. You are in our hearts.

Meet Murray, a “melanistic manta”, first sighted near Kokomo in 2012. Previously known as M27, Murray was lovingly named last Thursday, in celebration of Earth Day 2020. To raise awareness of Earth Day and highlight Kokomo’s commitment to the local environment, we invited social media followers and past guests to share their name suggestions, before drawing the winning name out of a shell.

Winner, Henry Potter, comes from a 6-acre property in Queensland, Australia. He cares for a wide variety of animals (horses, dogs, ducks and chickens), each of whom has been lovingly named by Henry. When he was made aware of Kokomo’s Manta Ray competition, Henry immediately thought of Murray the Manta Ray. Call it experience, there were no second thoughts, just Murray.

Thank you Henry and welcome to the family, Murray the Manta.

Through our collaboration with the Manta Trust Fiji and Manta Project Fiji, Kokomo have helped identify over 100 mantas for the Fiji database. The overall goal of this research is to gain a better understanding of manta rays, with the hope of protecting their population in Fiji.

With our friends and family homebound this Easter, Kokomo’s Executive Pastry Chef, Jon Gladson took matters into his own hands, creating a delectable treat for everyone to try at home.

Never ceasing to amaze, Jon used the same Sugar Cookie recipe to create a home for our friend, the Easter Bunny.

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Over Easter, we were delighted to introduce our latest hatchlings to the world. Despite usually hatching during the night, eight Hawksbill Turtles were found to have hatched during the day and were stranded in the bushes. Our team helped them find their way home.

Found in warm sub-tropical and tropical ocean waters, we are fortunate to encounter turtles throughout the year at Kokomo. Our local waters are home to both Green Turtles and Hawksbill Turtles. While both species look similar, Hawksbills can be distinguished by their sharp curving beaks and saw-like appearance of their shell margins.

In Fiji, ‘Bula’ is more than just a greeting. It’s a wish for happiness, good health and the energy of life.

Celebrating people from around the globe who are rich in happiness, Tourism Fiji have recognised our own, Chef Caroline Oakley as a Bulanaire for her compassion, enthusiasm and dedication to our guests.

For Caroline, “Cooking is a part of me. Every dish that I create has a piece of my heart and soul. Every taste, every flavour, every ingredient brings joy. Nothing is more rewarding to me than seeing someone celebrate my food… Every single person I have ever cooked for, I remember and celebrate their return as if they were my own family.”

We could not be more proud of Caroline, and look forward to sharing her food with you again.

Kokomo’s Executive Pastry Chef, Jon Gladson is up to his usual mischief, surprising and delighting our guests with yet another sweet treat to try at home. Usually responsible for filling up the cookie jars at Kokomo, Jon is bringing his signature chocolate chip cookies to you! Grab your best apron and get rolling!

Q & A With Our Kokomo Family

What made you want to work in hospitality?I enjoy the social aspects of the industry, along with getting to learn about and meet people from around the world. Not to mention, being able to work in some of the most stunning locations in the world (where you otherwise would never experience..). It is also such a diverse industry, where you can grow and change paths, as your interests may change.

Most used word/phrase on island?Hectic! haha

Meet Rebekah (Becky), our much loved Front Office Manager. A dedicated member of the Kokomo family, Becky is often the first face you see when stepping off the seaplane. Known for over-using the word “hectic”, this busy bee works hard behind the scenes to ensure that our guests have the best stay possible.

Best part of working at Kokomo?

Working and living in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, and being surrounded by the most genuine of cultures; The Fijian way of life! No matter how long, or disastrous a day you may be going through, there will not be a day that goes by on island where you don’t simply laugh. Fijians are always making humour out of any situation and can’t help but be infectious to those around them with their joy for life.

The phrase ‘Sega na leqa’ (no worries) really is our way of life in Fiji.

How long have you worked at Kokomo?Over 3 years. Started as Reservations Manager, then moved into Front Office Manager.

What is your favourite childhood memory?Each New Year’s Eve celebration at Kokomo is so memorable. As the local band counts down, Kokomo by the Beach Boys playing in the background, fireworks starting up and all in the middle of the pristine blue pacific waters.. (not to mention an awesome group of guests, returning and new) – Can it get any better?!


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