The Residences at the Hard Rock Hotel Davos: 5 activities to catch up on this winter

It is still possible to enjoy some winter fun in Davos, as you have a whole month ahead. To do that, we will share the top 5 activities everyone should try here before the end of the season.

Top ‘must do’ activities in Davos this winter

Experience the slopes 

It is high time to grab your skis and snowboards and enjoy the piste. As the weather gets warmer, and the slopes are less crowded. Six skiing areas and 300 km of snow trails provide fun at all difficulty levels.

Active but not hectic: winter hiking

Start your day with a wellbeing inspired leisurely one-hour walk. The Hohe Promenade in Davos is a hiking route with a perfectly planned road level. It offers an impressive view of Davos and the surrounding mountains.

Tobogganing: unforgettable experience

Davos Klosters is the cradle of international tobogganing. You can select from at least 8 sled runs, starting from sledging at the Rinerhorn navigating the 33 bends and a unique configuration of the steep curves.

Bikes in winter? Try fat biking

The fat bikes ride especially easily on up to 30 cm of snow, so be prepared to experience a snowy adventure. There are 4 fat biking descents, all of them offer beautiful views over the Flüela valley.

Extreme and adrenaline

The highlights for free riders include the Funi Line high altitude tour. Only here you will find this day trip, which connects all secured but unprepared and uncontrolled slopes.

There’s an abundance of winter activities, waiting to be enjoyed, that is why Davos is a great place to come every year – you will never get bored.

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