Branded residences: invest and rest. A new and better way to live

The global market for branded residences continues to grow; this can be attributed to the wide range of benefits that come with buying residences.

Given that the residences are primarily located in popular tourist destinations, there are a number of amazing shops, restaurants and bars at your doorstep. It is essential to choose a perfect spot that is easy to access and comfortable to live in.

Living at the residences means living stress-free. Owners have access to the best hotel services during their stay, including cleaning and 24/7 management among other premium services.

Owners receive an excellent return on investment. Why not invest in a profitable business while living in luxury? Reap the benefits of making income while relaxing!

Things to consider when buying a holiday home:


An important aspect to consider when buying a home is where it is situated and the surrounding area. It is essential that you choose a home in an appealing location that meets your holiday expectations.

Investment prospects

The city you choose to live in should offer you the potential to grow and the property you choose should increase in value. Your home should be an investment worth making.

Seasonal changes

It is best to choose a holiday home that attracts visitors all year round regardless of the season. This way, you can be assured that no matter the weather, you will always enjoy your time.

Not sure if you are ready to invest? We have a solution

Outlined below are steps to follow if you are interested in a mortgage.

Get a quote with a mortgage from the bank – just prepare the documents and apply for it

Sign a reservation agreement that confirms that you want to own the apartment. Then, pay the reservation fee of CHF 50’000, and you are settled.

Our partner Notary prepares the following documents for you:

  • Sale and Purchase Agreement
  • Lease and Operations Agreement
  • Condominium Ownership Agreement

All sides review the required documents and agree on the contracts drafts and a date for signing.

We sign the contract together in the presence of the Notary. After signing, you transfer the total amount minus the reservation deposit to the notary’s account. In addition, the transfer tax, the registration fee, and the notary’s fee must be paid.

Experience living in the apartment before buying it; get well acquainted with the home to confirm that this is the right place for you

How to experience the atmosphere of the Residences? Dive right into the test drive

You have the opportunity to experience an ideal holiday home — we offer a 10% discount on a two-day visit, a massage and dinner. Moreover, all expenses will be deducted in case of a purchase.

Living at The Residences comes with several excellent advantages:

Davos is a year-round resort. This is a great advantage as it attracts tourists regardless of the season. Great for skiing during the winter months and hiking during the summer, there is something for everyone all year!

Residence owners receive access to all premium service offers of the hotel. If you are in the mood for the spa or a gym workout, you won’t have to go far. All these excellent amenities are available at the Residences.

Designed by the world-famous architecture studio, Woods Bagot, the interiors of the Residences are chic and inviting. Take comfort in the welcoming ambience

You have the hotel services at your disposal 24/7. This is perfect for those who value their time and comfort. The management team is dedicated to providing premium quality service to owners.