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Corsier-sur-Vevey, 18 January 2020 – Throughout 2020, Chaplin’s World, the only museum dedicated to Charlie Chaplin, will celebrate the music of Charlie Chaplin, giving visitors a chance to experience a range of tributes to Chaplin the artist, composer, and musician. Starting in March, the Manoir de Ban will house the temporary exhibition “The Sound of Chaplin”, curated by the Paris Philharmonie and presented exclusively in Corsier-sur-Vevey, Switzerland. With concerts, panels, films, conversations, musical performances, 2020 will march to the beat of a whole series of events. A musical program for all ages!


From his earliest childhood, music was pervasive in Chaplin’s life: both his parents were music hall performers, and he acquired an unconditional, lifelong love for this art form. In fact, he spent his first wages on a violin.
From his years with the troupe of Fred Karno during his youth he recalls every opportunity he took to perfect his musical skills. “Each week I took lessons from the theatre conductor or from someone he recommended,” he would remember. “I had great ambitions to be a concert artist, or, failing that, to use it in a vaudeville act but, as time went on, I realized that I could never achieve excellence, so I gave it up.”His destiny put movies on his path but music never left him. By the time movies went from silent to sound, Chaplin spent hours in a screening room perfecting his films’ music on his piano, while drawing inspiration from the images. In 1931, he released his first major score for “City Light”. In 1973, he won an Oscar for “Limelight” music. 


Next year will mark a rediscovery of Chaplin’s musical work, with several key events at Chaplin’s World. Here’s the score: A temporary exhibitionTo the Circus!Exclusive musical performancesFascinating encounters with Chaplin’s music experts such as the world renowned conductor Timothy Brock. #ChaplinMusicTimes

Please find the complete 2020 score in the press kit “2020 Music Times”.  

2020 Music Times – Press Kit

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